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We have people come in every day who read something on the Internet that just wasn't true. Get straightforward solutions to your estate planning, probate,  guardianships and trust administration questions.

Get The Facts About Estate Planning

“If you have a will, you don’t have to go through probate”

FALSE! If you have no will, you most certainly pass through probate, and if you do have a will, you still have to pass through probate. There are ways around probate. We hope to talk to you about some powerful kinds of trusts, for instance. But wills isn’t one of them.

“Trusts are for people with giant estates.”

FALSE! Trusts are for people who want to control where their assets go after they die, skip probate and pay minimal taxes. Trusts are for almost anyone.

About Our Law Firm

We are currently passing through the toughest real estate market in Florida in decades. But things are improving. We are assisting many families whose homes are "upside-down" — they can't refinance, they can't sell, and they can't make mortgage payments. We have numerous strategies to deal with these difficulties that can reduce the damages and lower the emotional stress.

Don't use a real estate agent when a good lawyer is better and cheaper. For information, see my other site, Lawyers Real Estate. Know that there's a lot of false information on the Internet, that is sure to upset you if you read it. Right now you need facts, not rumors. Talk to us at Tom D. Waldron, P.A. We will tell you the unvarnished truth about your estate planning and foreclosure defense problems.

The Point of It All: We want our practice to be successful by word of mouth advertising. We do that by having the most satisfied clients. If they do well, how can we go wrong? 

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Estate Planning

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Power of Attorney

Living Will

Health Care Power of Attorney

Real Estate Contracts 

Want to learn more about the power of trusts to guide your estate planning?

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