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The top two questions we hear about probate and trust administration are:

What's probate?
What's a trust?

There's a lot to understand. The paperwork for probate (the process of validating a will) is complicated and forbidding, and it usually takes eight to 12 months. Courts receive an armload of petitions for probate every single day. The process is designed to see that the decedent's creditors are paid before the heirs.

Understanding the Florida Probate Process


The Florida probate process is very complex and often overwhelming. Attorney Tom D. Waldron walks you through the process in a way you can understand.

In the probate process, a judge supervises everything. If the paperwork is not done properly, the process can be delayed for months. Having an attorney do this for you is your only real option in Florida.

Probate Lawyer Melbourne FL3 Types of Probate Administration in Florida

Summary: This is for small family estates, in which the decedent has been dead at least two years.

Ancillary: This is necessary when an out-of-state resident leaves behind real or personal property here in Florida.

Formal: Formal probate is the most common kind of probate. It's any estate that does not qualify as either summary or ancillary.

Melbourne FL Trust Administration

Trusts are the modern-day version of estate planning. They are somewhat like a corporation, as they are never incapacitated and never die.

Trust administration consists of three primary tasks: paying debts, paying taxes and distributing the remainder to beneficiaries.

Tom D. Waldron has been involved in probate and trust administration for almost 20 years. We provide copies of the will to all interested parties. We collect and protect all assets. We give an account to the beneficiaries of all assets and liabilities.

Seeking Closure for Families

Throughout all this, our emphasis is on closure for the families. Probate and trust administration both occur during a turbulent period. Nothing has the potential to tear a family apart like the division of an estate. Family misbehavior such as estate looting is not uncommon. The presence of an impartial administrator to inform people of their rights and responsibilities is paramount.

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